About The Snowstorm

Hello, I'm a NateSnowstorm.

I'm a software developer, web developer, and a video editor. I'm a content creator, game maker, community manager, and AWESOME!

Stuff I do:
Stream stuff. Fun, random, watch if you want!

Join me on Discord for all sorts of fun, games, emotes, and awesome stuff.

Stuff and Things!

All the links for all the socially stuff I do.
Join the community on Discord!

Watch Live on Twitch! (Not really so much anymore... :P )

Follow me on Minds.com (great, new, social media platform!)
And my website! For stuff! And things!

Hardware stuffs:
MacBook Pro 15"
-Intel Core i7 6820hq
-AMD Radeon Pro 460
-16GB ram
-512GB SSD

MXL Tempo microphone
Sennheiser HD518

Old computer, I liked it, but it broked.
Aorus X3 - i7 4860HQ - 870m 6GB (died :( RIP)


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