If you wish to support me and my content on Twitch, Youtube, and this blog, I do have a means to do that. (And without using Paypal too...)

This is mainly here for those who use AdBlock, but still liked my content enough to support me!

Support on GameWisp, and 25% goes to 1UpOnCancer. Just in case you kind of want to support me, but also want to support kids in hospitals as well.

All tips are one time and final. These are not subscriptions, they're tips to support me and help me produce more content. Ongoing monthly tips are appreciated, but even one time tips are great as well! (Tips are absolutely not required, if you wish to support me in other ways, like sharing my articles on Twitter. (Also, not using AdBlock is helpful, too, I only use Google Adsense, and nothing else! Ads will not be displayed in intrusive spots.)


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