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So, I really want to get started on streaming to Twitch and making Youtube videos. I haven't had much time or a good internet connection to do either. Basically, my internet speed isn't too horrible (I average 7mbps down and about 2 up), and latency isn't terrible, the problem is it's incredibly inconsistent. For instance, when downloading a large file, the remaining time fluctuates between ~3 hours - 3 days. All the while only averaging 4mbps down. The huge fluctuations would only cause frame drops on stream, and lead to horrible quality (especially worse since I can only stream 480p).

Then there's the time aspect. I basically rely on public Wifi for internet (hence the horrible-ness), which really limits the time I can actually be online. Of course, paying for internet service wouldn't be too bad, except I live with family, and can't add my own Internet plan.

Yeah, so there's why I can't stream or make videos now, though I'll try to stream as often as I can, I'm shooting for at least twice a week, so hopefully I can do that.

(Not that anyones going to read this or anything :D -I just want to put it out there, anyway)

Now, beyond the whole internet thing, there's also my computer. I only have a mid-2012 MacBook Air, which is great in of itself, but is now 2.5 years old, so it's time for an upgrade. Right now, rendering out a ~30 minute video takes upwards of 5 hours or more. And that's if I don't use it at all in that time. (Though, there's some decent wifi hotspots where I can upload in ~15 minutes, so that's not too bad.) If I record with OBS, I can cut out the render time, but I can't edit the video before I upload, and the Youtube editor is not something I want to use. (This why I'm going to focus on live streaming for now.) However, I still can't use the best quality settings, and have to settle for the Veryfast - Ultrafast X264 preset, which isn't ideal.

To surmise, my internet speeds are decent, but are incredibly unpredictable, and would cause a lot dropped frames in stream. My computer is also not able to render video in a timely manner or use a good X264 preset, meaning I need to use a higher bitrate, which only makes the above problem much worse.

I hope you (if anyone is reading this) enjoyed my weird ramblings, as I am such a terrible writer....


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