Internet issues

Well, my internet is pure torture for me right now.... I can barely connect to a Minecraft server, let alone stream. Everything seems to load fine, it's just horribly unstable, which is why I ordered a new dual 5dBi wifi antenna
, which should help stabilize my connection a lot. Until I pick that up in the mail, I don't think I'll be able to stream at all, which sucks, because in these early days of streaming, I really do need to stream as often as possible, preferably everyday. Sure, huge streamers can miss a few days or a week with no issues, because they already have a sizable fan base, but when you're just starting, that's not the case.

Anyway, my internet sucks, so I can't stream. I really love streaming, so I hope I can get all this sorted out within the week.

Here's some speed test results:
Speedtest 1
Speedtest 2


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