New laptop

I've been thinking of buying a new laptop lately to upgrade my 2.5 year old MacBook Air. It's a great laptop, and works awesome, but it's about time for something way more powerful. I'll just leave my feedback on a few laptops I've been looking at recently.

  • Aorus X5

  • Pros:

    • 965m SLI - great performance and doesn't get super hot either.

    • Screen - the 2880x1620 screen looks to be great and gets great reviews, I haven't seen it myself, but it should at least be much better then my MacBook Air.

    • 512GB SSD + 1TB HDD, great amount of storage, 2x what MacBook Air has, and that's just for the SSD.

    • G-Sync - I haven't used, but it's highly regarded, so I think I'll like that quite a bit.

    • Avermedia capture card built-in - Since I want to start streaming on Twitch more, this should come in useful, I just can't stream in the kind of quality I would want right now.


    • CPU runs a bit too hot, but should be fine most of the time, and with some IC Diamond thermal compound the temps are actually pretty reasonable.

    • Non-upgradeable: granted, neither is my MacBook Air, but it's a nice "feature" to have though in my next laptop, I was also looking at various Clevo/Sager and MSI GT series laptops that have that. (but I don't think I'll get those as they're much larger and heavier.

    I'm not exactly sure if I'll include the other laptops I was looking at, because the negatives of those far outweigh the positives. For instance, the Sager 15" laptops are hugely upgradable, but also insanely heavy, and the desktop CPU ones have no upgrade after Skylake, anyway. The MSI GT72 and GT80 are likewise huge 17" laptops that are just too large to actually carry around. Though, the GT80 does come with a backpack, so that helps, the mechanical keyboard is great, and the GPUs are upgradeable. All in all, I think the Aorus X5 is probably the best all around laptop for performance and upgradability.


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