Writing posts

I should write posts more often. I would, if I could either: a) think of something good enough to write about, or b) had an interesting enough life to write about. Right now, neither of these is true. So, I don't write many posts, because I have nothing to write about.

So, besides that, here's what's going on with me right now.
I'm still working on getting everything setup so I can stream everyday. Right now, I only have access to public WiFi hotspots for internet, and I try and stream as often as I can while there. That means, I can only stream maybe a few hours at a time, and not everyday, which I need to fix ASAP. The next thing is my computer, this tiny little MacBook Air is no good for streaming, gaming, and Unity development. (Well, it works decently, but not with very good quality. Then there's the hardware issues with the battery and trackpad failing, so it's time for an upgrade, anyway.) I plan on buying an Aorus X5 soon-ish, but it's out of stock pretty much everywhere right now. (Besides, my credit card wont like me very much if I do buy it :P -but that's neither here nor there.) As far as Wifi goes, I just bought an external wifi adaptor with dual 5dBi antennas and Wireless AC, so I should at least have a better, more stable connection as much as possible. Anyway, I should be livestreaming everyday from this week on. I wont promise any set schedules just yet, but for now, I should be able to stream 5pm-8pm EST every night.

The streaming schedule I'm aiming for, whenever I get to that point, is 3pm to 11pm EST (but I'll probably go as long as can.) This wont be for some time, however. I plan spending my mornings just chilling and watching Youtube videos, as well as working on some game production in Unity, so I do plan on making livestreaming and game production a full time job for myself, it's just too fun and awesome not too.


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