Well, it's true, and so do we all. The internet is the single most important thing anyone could ever have, more important then phone lines, and most things (well, except food and water :P ). However, it's so ridiculously expensive, and we have no options, heck, you can get free cell phones if you qualify, but internet isn't seen as that as important, even though it's more so. This probably because the guys making the laws grew up in an age where they didn't even have phones, so they don't use any sort of technology at all. So, they they think it's not important. Well they are not important.

None of that is the point, I, specifically, need internet for my job, and I will obtain what is needed (through legal means, of course!) I'm debating going with T-Mobile, which doesn't provide a lot of data, but I'm also thinking of renting a dedicated server to remote desktop into to save on data use. (Plus, a data center has a much better internet connection then any "normal" person could ever hope to have, ever.) Not sure on any plans yet, I just hope I can find a decent spot to livestream from every night, shouldn't be too difficult.


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