Minecraft PVP

So, what are my thoughts towards the new Minecraft PVP mechanics? Well, I love them! Mojang seems to be adding some cool new features to PVP that I really like, there's always room for tweaking here and there, but that's neither here, nor there.

Anyway, why do most "PVPers" hate the new update? Well, most of them simply can't do anything else, they can't build, they don't like exploring, they don't like anything else about the game. The only reason they play is because a) their parents wont buy them any other game or b) their piss poor money management skills means they can't buy any themselves or a computer that can run them above 20 fps. These people should just go play CS:GO, and stop complaining about Minecraft not offering what they want. A lot of these guys didn't really want PVP to change, they just wanted more weapons, which is not what the game needs at all. Minecraft PVP did require some skill in order to be good, but there was no strategy, or at least, their was only one: spam clicking. Some skill needed, no strategy required. Now, with the new combat changes coming in 1.9, there's much more focus on strategy, you actually have to think about how you're going to attack now, instead run in, spam click, leave.

Just my thoughts on the new PVP mechanics.


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