New Computer or Server Workstation

So, I've been debating back forth between buying a new computer or renting a dedicated server in a data center. I'll just list out some thoughts on each here.

New Computer:
I own it. It would be mine I could do anything with, and I wouldn't have to deal with a payment plan forever. (I'd probably use a credit card, but those payments don't last forever, although it may feel like it.) The Sager NP-9752/9753 is more powerful and expandable, but a dedicated server is more so. The down side is that I still have to work within the available internet connections I have. Most of the time these work great, but they can have inconsistencies and randomly drop connection at times, something a data center doesn't have to deal with, since their connections are extremely expensive and fast.

Cost: $~2000. ($150 - $200 per month on credit card for one year)


  • Own it

  • Very powerful and upgradable

  • Great screen, tons of options in terms of hardware


  • Still have to work with whatever internet connection I have available.

  • Uses more bandwidth to upload/livestream

Dedicated Server:
This option will allow me to have a computer with a 24/7 internet connection, and requires only a minimal connection speed on my end. I wont need a very powerful computer on my end, either, just something good enough to use remote desktop, which even a low end chrome book can do. Being able to log onto the server and livestream, play games, and make things in Unity shouldn't use more then a few GB a month on my end, so even a slow mobile 2G internet will work OK. The data center also has 1gbps connection, so streaming and uploading can be done with great quality and will work super fast. This will still require me to buy a new computer, if only for a better screen and better battery life (or just buy a new battery for my MacBook Air.) Plus, I could do some 24/7 Twitch plays style stuff. (And that's all I'll say!) The only downside is having to use RDP/VNC to connect to the server, which adds an extra step to

Price: Around $180 per month, depending on specs. Though, this fee lasts forever, as long as I have the server.


  • Better, more stable, and faster internet

  • 24/7 status

  • Minimal bandwidth required on my end


  • Ongoing cost

  • Have to deal with a third party for upgrades

  • Have to use RDP to connect to server

I'm not exactly sure which one is better, they both have great benefits, but each comes with their own downsides. Right now, having the stability of a data center internet connection, and only requiring a small amount of bandwidth to connect to is probably more important. On the other hand my current laptop has near dead battery that I don't feel like replacing, and the screen is lackluster at best. So, with those aspects, I kind of just want to buy a new computer. I could buy a cheap-ish computer with a great screen and also get the server, but the cost of both isn't something I need to be spending right now.

Anyway, both options are great, and I'm still deciding which one I'll take. I'll probably just go with a new computer, since I like owning my own hardware. I'll probably end up renting a server anyway since it's actually cheaper then a half decent business class internet connection, so doing both is probably the best course of action.


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