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I'm going to start posting at least one thing per day. I need to start making good use of this website I have 1 free year on, plus I need to fill out the content as well. (Also, I need something to give me an outlet that I can't do elsewhere. I'm thinking about doing vlogs, but I don't have any equipment for that, all I have is an iPad and a MacBook Air, and the only time I can vlog is in the car. And my state has a ban on using electronic devices whilst driving. I can't think any other time to vlog, so I probably wont do that.)

I do need to start getting daily Youtube videos up, probably starting with the RageCraft II stuff, since I already started and have some progress up already. I should just continue that with daily episodes until I'm finished.

Anyway, I've always had such a great passion for video production, and this whole Youtube/Twitch thing seems like perfect opportunity for me. I just I had of realized this years earlier.... It almost feels like it's too late, but I still think content creation online is very much in it's infancy, especially as more and more people drop cable and goto all online entertainment. So, there's still huge room for growth in this area, and whilst it's a bit late into the start, it's still very much just beginning.

I'll continue making Youtube videos, livestreaming, and posting my thoughts here in the mean time.


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