The last post

That last post was said in a fit of rage over poorly functioning Wifi. It wasn't the greatest display of words, but, hey, at least I was mostly civilized in terms of the way I worded of everything. Anyway, it's no like anyway will ever read this, so it really doesn't matter.

Moving on, I mentioned that I might go with a dedicated server to use. Well, I was thinking, and instead of just buying a new computer, which only fixes one of my problems, if I rent a dedicated server box I'll get both a new computer, and a stable internet connection, since remote desktop isn't too demanding on internet use (only requiring 40kbps, or so). This solution seems to suit me perfectly, since a data center connection is more stable and faster then anythingI could ever purchase myself. (Dedicated Fiber lines are at least $500 per month, so this would be cheaper.) Plus with a T-Mobile data plan, I can connect to it from anywhere, which should use less 3GB a month. I won't be pulling the trigger on this just yet, but it's looking to be a nice option. Oh, and it'll open up a whole new world of possibilities in terms of always streaming something. (I.E. I could pre-record videos then upload them to the server and have those always playing on stream. With live streaming, the only way to grow is to be live as often as possible, and with a server, I could stream close 24 hours a day (minus scheduled down time and reboots, which should only be 10 minutes, tops.) The only other problem is the battery on MacBook Air (mid-2012) is nearly dead, that'll cost about $120 to fix, but just replacing it seems to be the better way to go. (Sine the screen is also terrible, and I could use better specs. anyway.)

And no, this isn't my last post ever, I'm referring to the last post I wrote.


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