Twitch HTML5 Video

Alright, so I had to reset Chrome settings (no issues or anything, just something I like to do from time to time), and when I loaded up my Twitch page, the video was in HTML5!

This was one my only negatives of Twitch over Youtube, and now that's it's fixed, it's awesome! The next thing is quality options for all, which I don't think will happen anytime soon. So, I have to get to work streaming everyday so I can get large enough to be a Twitch partner. (I could pay ~$38 for 400 bot viewers, but that's way too scummy for my taste. -Besides, I want real fans I can interact with, I stream to make new friends, not money.)

Anyway, I also modified my website here a bit, and I like the design a bit more, and I added some extra widgets around the place. All in all, not too bad to have my old theme get corrupted after an update, pissed me right off at the time, but now I got it back better then before, so it ended up well :)

Short post, but just wanted to state my excitement for HTML5 Twitch!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! <-completely necessary explanation marks!


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