A post for posting sake

I can't think of anything to post right now. I still want to post something, though. So, here's a post!

I don't have anything ore insightful to say (do I ever?).

Anyway, some more stuff on Ad Block. As I said, I think everyone should use Ghostery and block most extraneous ad networks, pretty much anything that comes up that you've never heard of before, just block it. Ghostery is probably the best ad blocker, since you have the choice to only block and allow any ad network tracker you want. For instance, for my website:
Screen Shot 2015-09-20 at 1.43.58 PM
I only have 4 trackers: Google Adsense (and DoubleClick, which is Google's service), Gravatar (which is for commenting, it's what Wordpress uses for comments, so users only need one profile to comment everywhere), and the Twitter button, which I like to give people an easy sharing option. That's it, every website should be this minimal, there's no need for 30 trackers and 20 ad networks. I can't share revenue statistics for AdSense (like I have any, anyway), but they are the highest paying and best one to work with, so why go elsewhere. The extraneous ad networks are only their just in case AdSense can't show an ad for some reason, so blocking them doesn't effect their revenue in anyway. For websites that force pop over ads (which I believe is prohibited by AdSense - but could be scripted to work, anyway), just don't go there. Giving them a page view only gives more leverage to use to get paid content, and will only encourage them to do more of what they do, since they can't see who has AdBlock.

Wow, that was a lot of stuff to say for someone who couldn't think of anything to say just 10 min ago....


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