I do have friends!

In my last post I said I wanted to create a community around my blogging, live streaming, and youtube videos. Well, I do have friends in real life. The problem - their all high school/college friends, but none of which share the same interests as me. See, if you couldn't tell, I'm a pretty big geek/nerd/gamer, and none of my IRL friends are as into technology, games, etc, as I am. I would love to goto convections like PAX, E3, etc, but I'm not going alone. I could go to meet Youtubers/Streamers, but it's still not fun when I don't know anyone myself. I would love to go to meet fans I create or friends I get from doing all this. Until I actually have people I can look forward to seeing at conventions that I actually talked to and know about, I can't do that.

Part of this whole endeavor is to make this possible for myself, part of it is because I'm unemployed and sick of job recruiters emailing me saying I'm "perfect" for the job, only to deny me once I respond, and partly because it's just plain fun. (Mainly the last one :P )

Anyway, I look forward to seeing where this whole thing turns out in a year or two.


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