It's weird

I always think of some awesome posts to write, while I'm driving, or walking through a parking lot, or anywhere, really. The problem is, I always forget these amazing post ideas by the time I actually sit down to write a blog post. What I need to do, but can't, is just record vlogs of myself talking randomly, at all times, then either upload some of that, or turn some of it into a blog post. I could jot notes down manually (on my iPad), but I never actually remember to do that either.

Anyway, I usually have a lot of thoughts I want to write any random time, but, like most people, I'm never in a good place to actually write that stuff down. (And no, these aren't shower thoughts :P -it's more driving, or sitting on a couch. And I can't use any electronic devices while driving, and there's really no hands free way to record a vlog or audio while driving. At least not without serious quality issues i.e. shaky camera, audio issues because you can't control where the mic is pointed, etc.) None of this really matters, per se, but I do lose a lot of good post ideas because of it.

In the end, I'll continue writing whatever I do think about, and share all the thoughts I can. Of course, this will all be sorted out when I can actually stream from a proper setup, since I could just blurt out any random thoughts while streaming.

There are auto poster services to post stuff for you, but all that is just a bunch of scammy, repeated, trash. Not something I want on my blog, so I'll only put original content that I actually write. Sure, auto posters can create more content and generate more traffic, but it does nothing to generate a community, I don't want "customers" I want a community with friends.


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