I've had the idea to make Youtube videos since 2007. I'm just starting now. In 2015. So, why didn't I start back then? I would be a massive Youtube star right now! (sarcasm, well, maybe, who knows.) In any case, the reason why I never did start is because of my Television Production teacher in high school.

He was a bit of a perfectionist, having worked as a producer in real TV studios, and wanted all his students to excel. Well, there were a few other students who wanted to film each other playing World of Warcraft. He denied them. Didn't think that would have been good video. I would have done an over the shoulder shot with an actual camcorder of myself playing Command & Conquer (probably still one of my favorite games - not just because it's one of the only ones I've ever played :P ). Needless to say, I could have edited that footage and uploaded it to Youtube, and been one of the very first Let's Players on Youtube. That would have have given myself a huge head start. But, since he denied the video taping of video games, I never had that opportunity. I never really was "good" enough to actually make very high quality content that would have got me hired to work on an actual movie.

Now, I face myself starting Youtube and Twitch a good 5+ years after the initial rush. Not saying someone can't come in now, but it was significantly easier back then. Now, you need much higher quality, and dedicate much more time to making more videos. In any case, I'm just exited to actually get to start this whole thing, something that I should have done a long time ago (like 8 years ago, long).

I would be a totally different person in the universe where I did start making Youtube videos in 2007.


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