My SEO works

Welp, it looks my SEO works. Not what I planned on, I didn't want that type of SEO to work, but it does. I'm not going to do that type of SEO, but it works.

Damn. I've now closed commenting for all posts over 14 days old so I don't have to manage comments on that post anymore. That was a bit ridiculous. (Not to say I don't like comments, I love comments, there was just so much spam, and then even more posts were just repeated. There were some good comments, which I enjoyed reading, though. Now if only those 100 or so people would subscribe on Youtube or watch me live on Twitch!

Anyway, go watch and subscribe to me on Youtube and be sure to watch my livestreams on Twitch!. That's the real content I want to produce.

Needless to say, my SEO experiment was fun and exiting, and scarily enough, it worked.


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