I really need to start writing my topic ideas down, as soon as I have them. I've had at least 4 topic ideas in the past few days, but as soon as I get around to actually writing a post, I always forget what I wanted to write about. I'm not even sure how I could do this, I only have a MacBook Air and an iPad, so it's not exactly convenient to just jot down notes anywhere. I don't even have a cell phone (at all, I use Google Voice through my aforementioned devices). (And no, I'm not carrying paper and a pen, either, yuck.) The only real solution is to just sit in front of my computer all day (probably livestreaming on Twitch), that way I can talk in livestream, then jot down notes whenever I get a post idea. (Of course, the livestream would be my job by that point, and who knows if I would even care about this blog at that point. -I probably will, but you never know.)

In any case, I'm only really use this blog to keep updates on my life, and to prepare for my entering the Youtube/Twitch market. It would be awesome if I can make a full time career doing all of this, but, again, all of it is only for the fun of it. I've always enjoyed video production from my classes in high school, so it seems all the more natural to take this passion to the next level. (But I'll save that topic for the next post!) (Eh! topic idea!) That's it, if I forget what to write about, just start typing away, and more ideas will spring forth. (Now, this only works if you actually like doing this, if you don't enjoy it, and you're just doing it to do it -or worse, make money- then it'll be a non stop challenge.)

So, in the end, just start typing -anything-, and more ideas will flow. Now I'm gonna go write more stuff. (I only want to write good, original articles. It would be truly amazing if I can make just enough money from all this to be able to travel and goto all sorts of conventions (PAX, E3, etc), and have even more stuff to post about.


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