Video variety

I've been thinking more and more about what types of videos I should be making. My most popular video right now is some crappy 480p video I exported from a Twitch livestream. The quality is not great, and I didn't put much effort into it. On the hand, my Ragecraft II take about 2-3 hours to produce, and yet no views. (Except on the first one, but the rest just have 1 view, which came from me... Sadly.) Now, I don't care too much, anyway, but in these early days, I can be flexible enough to try many different things, as no one expects anything right now.

I'm going to try and do more variety, and I'll probably add some more games as well. I really do need to start getting more videos out (like 2-3 per day). I think I'll be doing at least one highly edited video (like my Ragecraft series), but I'l add in some PVP, survival games, PlayMindcrack stuff, and in general just stuff I stream on Twitch. I want to start streaming way more on Twitch, and exporting as much as possible to Youtube. This way, I get more content for both platforms, with only the amount of work for one. My Youtube quality suffers a bit, but it doesn't seem viewers really care.

I can't do console games. I only have a MacBook Air, so no intensive games. I do have Command & Conquer: Red Alert (the open source version), so I think I'll start that as well. I just love playing those games, and their so easy to play without stressing out my computer, so that's nice. Not sure if there's a viewer base for that, but there's a viewer base for everything.


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