What I'll post

So, I've been thinking lately about posting once a day. Then, I couldn't think of anything to post. So, I'm rethinking about what I'll post. No, I wont be committing myself to posting everyday, I might, but only if I can actually come with a half decent rambling of thoughts. If I can, I'll post, if I can't, I wont, it's simple. I could do a bunch of SEO crap like my previous post, but I'm not interested in making a ton views and money from any of this. If it works out that way in the end, then great, but if this ends up as "just" a random collection of my thoughts no one reads, then that's great too.

In short, I'll write whatever posts I can think of as often as I think of them, but I wont force content out. (Now, for livestreaming, I can just play stream, without having to worry about making scheduling what I'll do. Besides, I'm bad at keeping a schedule, anyway. The only schedule I'll keep is for streaming, and that's because all it is playing games. I wont stream predetermined content, I might have something I plan to do occasionally, or I might do some collaborations with people, but most of the time, I wont schedule content. I don't believe scheduling helps one bit, it only restricts you to what you previously decided, and limits flexibility. By not scheduling, it opens me up to making quicker decisions.


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