What I'm up to

Stuff. Anyway, I've been working more on my Youtube presence, I've been trying to get more Ragecraft videos up, and just more stuff in general. I need to add more content if I ever want to grow my channel. Not sure if I'll switch to all Youtube for videos and livestreaming, instead of Twitch. I do like Twitch a lot better, with chat being much better, and having the ability to use chat bots. It just seems so difficult to get anywhere on Twitch or Youtube when you're just starting out, there's so much out there already, that it might be hard to fit in. Then again, all the big Twitch streams and Youtubers have all been doing this for at least a year or more, consistently. I don't mind a year+ of working up to that point. I am debating on where to start, either with Twitch or Youtube, Twitch chat is better, and discovery on Twitch is a bit better, but that's only if you're actually live. Whereas with Youtube, I would only need to upload some videos whenever I could, since I can't be live for more then a few hours, anyway.

In any case, I have a new format for videos. I went to edit one of my Ragecraft videos in iMovie, sped up the footage 4x, and it was hilarious watching it back. I like this new style. I think I'll continue doing this with all my videos, since the rendering time is actually not too bad (about 10-15 min). So kudos to Apple on making iMovie so efficient! (Now I don't want to get an Aorus X5 or Sager laptop, anymore, but I still kind of do, now I'm really confused :P )

Anyway, I want to do some more of this sped up gameplay footage with other stuff as well, it might just be the niche I'm looking for to get my channel going. My plan would be to record at least 7 series (record 1 per day), then upload and schedule each day for 7 daily series. A couple ideas for videos (in Minecraft): The usual CTM map, some sort of survival series, maybe modded (or maybe not). I should start trying out other games as well, I would need a better computer for that.

So, I have lots of things planned for my Youtube channel. As for Twitch (or livestreaming in general), I think I could just livestream normally while also recording, then speed up the footage for Youtube. Also speed running. Something I want to do, it's so interesting, but I'm too derpy to actually do it myself. So I speed up the video instead!


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