Here are some of my qualms with some bigger Youtubers. First of all, why do you need to get paid by a game developer to play their game? You already make quite a decent amount of money, anyway, if you're going to double dip, at least have the common decency to turn off monetization. Also, playing games is their JOB! Why do they need to get a FREE copy of the game? Just buy it like the rest of us. (And maybe the game developers can donate copies to Child's Play Charity or something else. -Not all games are suitable for this, but most "Youtube" games should be fine.)

Also, most Youtubers have way more money then most indie game developers, why screw them out of a sale. Sure, it might give the game some exposure, but I bet most people watching the videos are people who searched for the game, not regular viewers. (This is just how Youtube works, so the Youtuber get paid to play a game, and people who already know about it watch the video and give them even more money from ads.)

Now, their are good Youtubers who don't take money to play games, and actually buy the game themselves, not caring about getting a free game. The same goes for all reviews. For instance, with laptops, how many subscribers of a Youtube reviewer are going to buy a product, versus people who want to buy the product looking for reviews? Most of the viewers are searching for the specific product, but the Youtuber gets paid to review it, then again when the viewer watches the video.

Just some weird thoughts of mine, if I ever got to that level as a Youtuber (lol), I would just buy the games I want to play and play them. I wouldn't even want to accept money for other then the normal ad revenue. Plus, most 1 million+ Youtubers make more then $50,000 per year (according to Socialblade), so it's not like their hurting for cash.


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