60FPS Youtube Vidoes

So, I used Screenflow to record my next batch of Ragecraft II videos. This allows me to export videos in 720p 60FPS, while taking over an hour to export just 15 minutes of video, the quality is superb!

Here's the video in 720p 60FPS.

Only one problem, Youtube doesn't even give me the option of watching in 720p60, instead, only showing the normal 720p. If I use a Youtube downloader tool, there is a 720p60 option to download, as normal, but I find it odd that I can't watch it on Youtube itself. Now, I can watch other videos in 60FPS, so it has nothing to do with my computer or internet. I'm guessing either Youtube is still processing the 60FPS video, so it's not available yet (I'll check back tomorrow), but it's been quite a few hours, so I highly doubt that. In any case, if the video isn't available in 60FPS, I wont be exporting with that anymore. (Though, with Screenflow, that doesn't seem to effect export times, odd, I know.)

Anyway, just some weird thoughts on 60FPS Youtube videos. Maybe 60FPS only works when you use 1080p? Hmm... I can't record in 1080p, as I only have a 1440x900 laptop display, so that's out of the question. I could upscale 720p (as an experiment), but not a good way to test that.


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