And....... I hate Apple.

My MacBook Air has finally bit the dust. The battery status is now "no battery available". Non-existent. After less then 3 years, my super thin ultrabook now must permanently attached to a wall. Unfortunately, this means that I can't upload videos anymore, as I typically goto some restaurant and use their Wifi, as they usually have very fast business class internet. Now I can't do that. (Or at least, I'll be very limited in where I can do this.)

Anyway, I am definitely loving the Surface Book. I think I'll go with the i5 with dGPU, (I might splurge and go with the i7, but not sure yet). Now I just need to wait until it's available on Amazon. I was also considering this: XOTIC Sager NP8657 (Built off Clevo P650SE) Intel Skylake Core i7-6820HK 128GB PCIe SSD + 1TB 7200RPM HDD 16GB DDR4 GTX970M 3GB 15.6" 4K QFHD Windows 10 Gaming Laptop Computer, but I just don't want a 15.6" 5.5lbs laptop, as powerful as it is. The Aorus X3 is great, the older model: AORUS X3Plus-CF2 13.9" QHD+ NVIDIA GTX870M 6GB Haswell i7-4860HQ 8GB RAM 256GB mSSD Gaming Laptop Computer is only $1299, which is great with great performance, but I'm loving the Surface Book waaaaaaaaaaay too much. :P

Good thing Apple can't make a decent computer that lasts, because if my MacBook Air was still working, Microsoft wouldn't have had such an easy time winning me over.


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