Audio vs Video Quality in Livestreams

Which is more important? Audio or video quality? Well, audio, of course! Who cares if the video looks perfect if the audio is so bad you have to mute it? So, don't worry about 480p streams, or using a lower CPU setting, just get the audio working perfectly.

Part of the reason I don't yet use a microphone to talk in my streams is because I need to find the perfect "sweet" spot to position it for good audio. Sometimes the mic makes me sound overly nasally (probably related to the fact that I have a perpetual stuffy nose, but still, it's not that bad). Other times, the position is right, but it picks up too much background noise. (And I don't have noise cancellation software for streaming, I can do that for recorded videos, but as of late, I've just done shorter videos, anyway.) My video quality is OK, but sometimes I do have to use 480p, besides, I always use the ultrafast preset in OBS, so quality is bit meh.

So, audio quality is more important, because if your audio is shit, then no one will watch. If you're video is shit, but the audio is great, it's more forgivable. Also, don't stream in a bitrate too high. Always set your bitrate to a maximum of 50% of your upload, that way you don't end up dropping frames when your connection drops for a second. (Basically, for 720p, you need a 2700 mbps bitrate, so you would need about 6 mbps upload. If you're upload matches your bitrate, you'll have problems.)


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