Full Desktop Nvidia GTX 980 In a Laptop


So, I've come across this. Wow. I have to say, as someone who doesn't have any space to put a desktop (I play games from a laptop while sitting on the couch :P ), these seems to be like the best laptops money can buy. Since I'm getting started with making Youtube videos and livestreaming on Twitch, I kind of need a computer with great specs. Now, the current MacBook Air I have is half decent, but it has to stress itself to the max just play Minecraft. This causes major hardware issues, like my battery only having 30% capacity left.

These large, desktop replacements, have way better cooling, and should be able to keep the heat away from the battery, since the case isn't a heatsink. All I have to do is wait for the official release, and if the price isn't way out in left field, I might buy one. The current MSI GT72 with the i7 6820HK starts at $2,199 for a 8GB 980m. If the desktop 980 version is only $100 - $200 more, I think it just maybe well worth the cost. If the price is over $400 more, I don't think it'll be worth it, however.

Just some of my thoughts regarding the new GTX 980 laptops, if they can keep the price reasonable (no more then $200 more then the 980m versions of the same laptops), then I think I found my next laptop.

Though, I fear the price will be much higher, since these chips are much higher binned, with much better quality, so maybe it'll cost quite a bit. This might even be the reason why they haven't been released yet, Nvidia might be building a supply of these chips before hand, which is taking a bit longer to get right.


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