I've had it

I'm so done with all the spam comments. I've decided to open up registration, so in order to comment, you have to register for an account on my site. Bots and spam posts shouldn't go through the trouble of doing this, so it'll greatly reduce the amount of spam comments I've been receiving. I want to have actual discussions with real people, not hundreds of bots posting crap. I just hope the Wordpress account creation is secure. (They should only be "Subscribers", the lowest level account.)

And, in the midst of this article, I created a Disqus account, so now all commenting will go through them. So, in order to comment now, you must sign in with Disqus (which allows for sign in with all accounts. E.g. Twitter, Google, Facebook, etc.)

This should be much more secure, and keep the spam bots away. (Though, I don't mind the views :P )


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