Major battery issues (Apple MacBook Air - mid 2012)

Well, the battery in my MacBook Air has been getting worse and worse of late. For the past few months, I could hold over an hour of charge, which was good enough. Now, though, my battery has gotten much worse, now only giving me roughly 30 min of battery life, or worse. It's $129 to have Apple replace the battery, but honestly, at this point, I need a new computer, anyway. (The CPU is barely fast enough for what I do, the screen is horrible, etc.)

Besides, the processor runs at over 100 C, causing the battery to heat up to a toasty 35 C. That's the absolute maximum for the battery. So, a new battery will likely begin to fail shortly after I replace it anyway. The problem is that the entire bottom of the case essentially acts as a heatsink, sucking all the heat away from the CPU, and right towards the battery. Since Apple has this incessant need to make all their products ultra thin and light, this problem will only continue, and probably get worse. (And ambient temperature in my area hasn't went above 35 C at all in the past summer.)

Since the iPads and iPhones use mobile, ARM CPUs, they don't get nearly as hot, so they don't suffer the same kinds of problems. I would advise against buying any Apple laptop computer. (The iDevices are fine, and non-battery Macs are okay, as well.)

Basically, Apple designs their "portable" computers to only be used inside, in a temperature controlled building, or else you'll suffer major hardware failure. This is not my definition of portable, Sager/Clevo may not get the best battery life, but at least manage to keep the temps down so you don't have to be inside all day.

In any case, I only have 17 mins battery life left, so I'll leave it at that.


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