Microsoft Surface Book

I actually really like this particular device. It may not be as powerful as the other laptops I was planning on getting (like the Aorus X5 or X3 or various Sager notebooks I've been considering), but it's build quality far surpasses those.

First of all, the keyboard and trackpad. Most reviewers seem to say it's one of the best from any Windows laptop, and matches pretty closely with Apple's. This is nice, considering I'm coming from a MacBook Air. Next, the touch screen/tablet part is quite nice, and it would be cool to replace my MacBook Air + iPad with just one Surface Book.

The dedicated GPU is at least a 950m, and there are many a rumor that's even a 960m. So, it should be quite capable in this department. It's no gaming powerhouse, but it should be more then enough for even most games at high or ultra quality. All in all, not too bad.

The price is $1899 for the lowest end with dGPU, which is a bit high, but all things considered isn't too bad. The build quality is phenomenal, the keyboard and trackpad are top notch, the PCIe SSD is great (would prefer 512GB at a lower cost, though), and the touch screen and tablet part are a fine addition. All in all, quite a nice package overall. There a better specced, but comparing to a MacBook Air or 13" pro, it's way better.

I think I may have just found my next laptop. (Maybe...)


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