Very Tough Decisions

So, I've been thinking about buying a new computer recently. My MacBook Air battery is failing, and, while I could just replace it for $129, I'd rather spend much more and just get a new more powerful machine. However, there's so many options, and it's so hard to decide which one to get. Let's run through my options:

Surface Book
*Drools* Wow, what a gorgeous and amazing piece of hardware. Not only that, but it has great build quality, great specs, a dedicated GPU, great battery life, great screen, can be a tablet, and so on, and on. Anyway, it's a great device to replace both my MacBook Air and iPad. But, it comes at a decently high cost. Not out of reach, but still high.
Specs I'm considering:
8GB ram
dGPU (960m?)
Price: $1,899

Surface Pro 4
It's great, is cheaper then the Surface Book, and that's for the i7 version. The dual core i7 is better then what I have now, and it has the Iris 540 graphics, which should be significantly better then then HD4000 I have. (Not as good as the Surface Book, but hey, it's quite a bit cheaper. Plus, it's lighter, which is always nice. On the downside, it only has 1 USB port, but I can always use a USB hub, those are pretty cheap, anyway.

Specs I'm considering:
8GB ram
with type cover
Price: $1,728

Sager NP9758
Well, it's not light, and it's not small. It's a 7.5lbs laptop that's 1.4" thick. Plus, it's 15.6 screen, while nice, means it has quite the large footprint. But, specs are amazing. With a quad core, desktop i5 6600k, and 970m graphics, it's a best laptop with way more horsepower, meaning I can do way more then I do now.

Specs I'm considering:
i5 6600k
8GB ram (I'm too cheap for 16)
128GB PCIe
with IC Diamond pre applied
Price: $1,869

So, go with the most expensive, yet most versatile laptop Surface Book, with great specs, build quality, and a dGPU? Or maybe the Surface Pro with it's better CPU, cheaper price, but sacrifice on the laptop-ness, with a worse keyboard and trackpad (albeit, still very good)? Or go balls to the wall, and get the beastly Sager NP9758 with it's desktop CPU, and huge expandability and upgradability, but that's so huge and heavy, I might just break my back carrying it (not really)?

For pure performance, the Sager has everyone beat. For best price, the Surface Pro 4. For best laptop experience, the Surface Book. One final, strong contender would be the Aorus X3, but it's over $2,000, and the keyboard and trackpad aren't all that great. The X5 is awesome, but I'd need the open box version to get it under $2,000. Not to mention, I get a 5% discount through Amazon, and the Aorus laptops aren't on discounted there. Sager laptops are actually quite hard to come by on Amazon as well, you don't have all the options there.

Overall, I still think the Surface Book is the one I'll get. It's available on Amazon, so I get my 5% off, and it's just all around the best laptop. The better CPU and cheaper price of the Surface Pro 4 has me tempted, though.


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