Aorus X3 Plus CF2 - Pseudo Review [BEST LAPTOP EVER]

Did I mention I wasn't very good at writing? Especially with reviews? I have a Google Doc open to type out my review of my Aorus X3, and it's still empty. Not a single word.

I want to write a review, since I really, really like this laptop, but I'm just not good at writing reviews.

Here's some points I like and some I don't like:

  1. Screen. The screen is amazing, scaling works great in Windows 10 for 99% of apps, and the few that don't scale (OBS, grumble, grumble) are mostly just push a button and run in the background anyway. (Setting it up was difficult, but that was a one time thing). In any case, the screen looks very nice, everything is super crisp and wonderful.

  2. Keyboard: Works great, feels great. I needed a bit of getting used to going from my MacBook Air, but all in all, the keyboard feels great, with great tactile feel. Probably one of the better laptop keyboards, bar the MSI GT80.

  3. Performance. I have an older model with the i7 4860HQ and GTX 870m. The performance is awesome, and can handle everything I throw at it. Running Unity is very fast and has great frame rates, and everything is so smooth. As for games, all I've played are Minecraft, 7 Days to Die, Space Engineers, and BeamNG.Drive. All of these run very well in max settings, with great performance, but they're not exactly extremely taxing, either. Still quite impressive for an almost 2 year old GPU. Running OBS along side those to stream also works quite well, but quality has to be reduced a bit.

  4. Windows 10: I love it. Coming from a Mac, I actually quite like Win10, it has it's issues, and I've had display driver crashes which cause everything to freeze up, but my MacBook Air had kernal panics and spontaneous reboots, so all in all stability is about the same between both, with Windows 10 actually being a bit better.

  5. Skype sucks. (Obligatory)

  6. The trackpad: It works okay, but it's a bit janky and not all that great. Plus, I can't left click and use the keyboard, meaning it's useless for games. (How do I kill those zombies if I can't move while doing it?) Anyway, I have a mouse for that, anyway. Scrolling works great, zooming isn't all that great, but works, and just general use, it's really nice. Apple's are way better, though.

Anyway, not much of review, but there's some points I like about it.


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