My brand new (old model) Aorus X3 is on the way! What an amazing price and performance, and it should be here Sunday! Needless to say, I'm excited! My credit card is not, but whatever, I'll pay that off eventually. Now, I can really start increasing the amount of videos I can produce and the amount of time I can stream.

Plus, I got a new mic as well. I decided to go with the MXL-TEMPO, as opposed to the Audio-Technica AT2020. The AT2020 is better, but the MXL Tempo is half the price, and it's still rated very well. At some point, when I can have a full blown recording studio with cameras and green screens I'll get a better XLR mic, but this one is good enough and convenient enough for now.

I also got a Logitech G300s gaming mouse, which is looks to be great at a great price, and has some extra buttons, which is always a ncie touch.

And lastly, I got some Sennheiser HD 518 Headphones. Great quality and great price. I might be a Sennheiser fanboy.

I'll be sure to write full blown reviews of each product when they arrive. (I'll probably do video reviews as well, and maybe even livestream it. -Not sure, it would be tough to review a laptop you are streaming from.) In any case, new stuff! EXCITED!


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