Initial Impressions: Aorus X3

Updates are in progress. Standby. Review incoming in a few days. I'll get everything setup, run it through it's paces, and then proceed to right up a good review.

Initial impressions are as follows:
Build quality: Awesome! Really well built, and feels great. The keyboard is quite a bit better then my MacBook Air, and feels really solid. The trackpad buttons are a bit wonky, but they work, and it tracks alright. It's nothing like my MacBook Air trackpad, but it holds it's own, and I can probably get used to it fairly well.

Screen quality: Really nice. Amazing high resolution at 3200x1800, and at native res, everything works really well. (Some apps don't scale so nicely, but it's mostly just fine, with everything scaling and looking very nice.

I can't really speak much to anything else, as I haven't had it that long. I still need to install and setup a bunch of stuff, for instance some Visual Basic stuff for OBS. Battery life seems to be good, at about 5-ish hours, but again, I haven't long enough to really test that.

The only thing I really did was play some Minecraft (which, by the way, you need to set the GPU manually. For some reason, it starts with Iris Pro, then when it tries to switch, Java crashes.) A bit annoying, but that's Nvidia's problem. Anyway, with the 870m, Minecraft gets about 200-300 FPS, which is quite a bite better then my HD4000 MacBook Air now (about 100-ish FPS). Not exactly a grueling test, but now you know.

I'll do some way more thorough testing and benchmarking once it's properly updated to Windows 10, with all things updated properly. In any case, I'm really loving the hardware, build quality, and performance, with only a few minor niggles I'm sure I can work out in time.

(P.S. I'm not sure when my first livestream with it will be. Hopefully Soon™ - or at least when I have OBS installed.)

Just one quick update:
The Aorus X3 has the same size footprint as my MacBook Air, albeit quite a bit thicker. So, quite impressive for them to squeeze so much power into such a small space. I really want Apple to make a similar 14" laptop form factor with the 15" specs.


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