New Recording Setup

So, I'm planning on buying some new "equipment" for Youtube and Twitch stuff. Basically, I need a new laptop, and I'm buying a new one. Not much more. I'll be getting an Audio-Technica AT2020USB, even though I don't technically have a good place to record commentary. I'll at least have it for when I can, or I can always find a way to use it now. (I can probably do Youtube commentary, as I can do that anywhere, but probably not anything on Twitch just yet.)

Also, remember my headphones I said I fixed? Well, that worked, but it broke again. *Arghh*. This time, I think the screw is stripped, or part of it snapped off, so it wont tighten down all the way anymore. Well, what a nice time to buy a bunch of new stuff anyway. I plan on buying the Sennheiser HD 518. The hinge is different to mine, so at least it doesn't have that same weakness. Still, I bought these used, and they lasted almost 3 years. Not bad for $65.

Next, gaming with a trackpad, even one as good as Apple's (though, not so good anymore), just plain sucks. I'm going with just a decent $30 one: Logitech G300s Gaming Mouse. It's okay, has some extra buttons, and isn't insanely expensive.
(P.S. My MacBook Air trackpad is failing badly. It mis-clicks all the time, will click and drag randomly, and is just plain annoying. This probably related to the battery failure. I've seen reports of MacBook battery's swelling and pushing up against the trackpad causing it to fail as well.)

Then for the laptop. Amazon keeps going in and out of stock on this: AORUS X3Plus-CF2. But, when it's in stock, they have it for $1199. Just absolutely insane for that price. Sure, the newest one (AORUS X4 PLUS v4-CF1T) is way better, but $850 more. I'll take the slightly worse one for such a steal of a price. (Especially since I'm just barely starting out with this whole Youtube/Twitch thing.)

Having a nice setup will definitely enable me to up the quality and production value significantly. So it should help me grow my channel and put out more content. I really want to have at least 3-4 videos a day, plus stream at least 3 hours per day. With this new setup, this will definitely be possible.


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