2016 News Resolution

I know, it's only Christmas Eve (Merry Christmas, by the way! - none of that "Happy Holidays" bullshit... arghh... The holiday is "Christmas", always has, always will, it's not "Holiday day".

Anyway, back to my point. News resolution for me for 2016:

  • At least one new Youtube video every day. (I'll do my best, no promises, but it is something I need to do.)

  • Livestream at least Thursday - Sunday. That's 4 days a week, I think I can keep that up. Only way to grow on Twitch is to be live as often as possible

  • New blog post every day. Not difficult, but should be easy enough to do.

And, my goals that I hope to achieve that I have no control over:

  • Get at least some fans on Twitch and Youtube.

  • Maybe 1000 subscribers on Youtube? Or more? I hope?

  • Become a Twitch partner. Doesn't matter how many viewers, it may not be possible, but a guy can hope, right?


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