More about SEO

So, I've come to realize that it's a good idea to have some highly SEO articles, reviews, and other such stuff for traffic acquisition. It's not that these types of articles are good, but they do bring in traffic, which is good. The daily posts don't have to be as SEO sensitive, but it never hurts to have some articles purely there for traffic acquisition. (Of course, they still need to be relatively high quality, otherwise you may get some traffic, but the viewers won't stay.)

Anyway, my aim for 2016 is to write at least one SEO article every month, with a bunch of filler blog posts on the daily activities of a Snowstorm (trapped in a snowstorm?) (Not really, but it is winter. There will be no snow pictures, as I do not have a camera. If this blogging/ Twitch / Youtube thing makes me any money, I'll get a GoPro and do some driving vlogs while it's snowing.

Anyway, just some more random thoughts and ramblings, SEO can be good, and should be used for traffic acquisition, but not every article has to be so obviously SEO filled.


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