Samsung 850 EVO M.2 250GB SSD Review / Speed test

Samsung 850 EVO 250GB


Here is the speed test for my new 250GB Samsung 850 EVO. Pretty nice. I'm not using raid 0 or anything, so this is just the SSD in of itself. For those who don't know, M.2 SSDs are incredibly tiny. I almost thought it wasn't even the box under all the bubble wrap. I'd say it's about half the size of a stick of laptop DDR3 ram, I was expecting it to be about the same size, so I'm impressed with how small these things are now. (Remember when hard drives were huge and could only hold 10MB of storage? I don't. Still, 3.5" -and even 2.5"- HDDs are just massive in comparison. Technology. Wow.)

Anyway, moving on to the review. Not much to say, the price was great (I got it used on Amazon for $70, so really awesome price on that.) Install was easy, the worst part was opening up the bottom panel, which only required 10 screws, not difficult at all. Sliding in the SSD into it's rightful slot was a breeze. I'm not using Raid 0 on this, as I'd prefer to have 2 separate SSDs, incase one fails, there's always the second one. (Though, SSDs are incredibly resilient and last a long time, so it's nothing to worry about.)

So, the speed test is listed at the top, which is on par for this SSD, so that's really all that needs to be said. Great speeds, as well. The 256GB Transcend M.2 SSD that came in my Aorus X3 has these speeds:
Trancend 256GB
Just a tiny bit slower, but still great speeds for non PCI-e SSD.

After formatting the drives have the following sizes:
Samsung 850 EVO M.2 SSD [250GB] - 232GB
Transcend 256GB M.2 SSD [256GB] - 222GB
The Transcend is my OS drive, so there's some other partitions for recovery and stuff that take up some space.

Again, this is as expected. While the drives true capacity might be slightly higher, a formatted drive is always a bit lower. (Google it if you want a better answer then that, that's I would have done, just do it yourself.)

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#Samsung #850 #EVO #M.2 #250GB #SSD #Review / #Speed #test
#Samsung #850 #EVO #M.2 #250GB #SSD #Review / #Speed #test


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