Here is a post, because I haven't posted anything in awhile.

So, how's life? I'm doing fine. I have nothing to write about and am currently grasping at straws.


Anyway, I'll be adding a second SSD to my Aorus X3Plus, 256GB is fine, but it's starting to feel a bit tight, so I bought a second 500GB SSD for it. (And I really hope I bought the right type M.2, there's a couple different formats, I went with a Samsung 850 EVO, so I hope it's the right one and is compatible. -I'm pretty sure it is, returning stuff is a pain in the butt.) I also need to do a CMOS reset, because I stupidly turned my computer back on after it shut down after the battery ran out. So that'll be fun. I needed to buy a Torx #6 screwdriver to do that, so I figured while I'm in there, I might as well go ahead and add in that second SSD I wanted anyway. I basically wont be able to do much Twitch/Youtube stuff until I get that sorted out.

So, that's what I've been up to. Not much.

Also, if you want to support charity while also supporting me, you can donate over at Twitch Alerts! 50% of all donations will goto charity for until December 12th. (I don't expect this to get used at all. If it does, I'll be really excited, but I doubt this website gets enough views for that to be relevant.)


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