Just post something already

Ahhh... yeah, I made a new years resolution to post one thing a day. Yep, I failed miserably at that. Oh well. I guess when I have more engaged viewers, I'll feel a bigger sense of responsibility towards posting, making videos, and streaming. Right now, it's hard to get motivated with only a few viewers and comments on the website or Youtube. (I get some active viewers on Twitch, which is why I'm more motivated to stream. Man, I just love Twitch.) Anyway, just wanted to post something to make my site seem alive.

I really need to write more and better articles for the purpose of attracting new viewers, things like this post won't bring in the readers. I need more review stuff and stuff people will be searching for. As for Youtube, I'll be doing more texture pack and shader showcases, as that video is getting a decent response. (Again, no comments or likes, but the views are better then anything else, which is good for exposure. I'm sure if I did commentary and begged for likes, shares, and comments, I'd get that, but it just feels so sleezy.) Also, I should definitely do more 7 Days to Die videos like this one. Basically, I need to just do a bunch of videos ans posts to draw in viewers. (Just don't say that acronym, cause you'll end up with thousands of Russian bots trying to hack your site. Seriously.) Thankfully I found a new Wordpress plugin to mitigate that.

Anyway, just a post to say I'm still updating the site and streaming, and I will be doing more Youtube-y stuff as well. (I guess I'll do more texture pack and shader showcases, those seem to be fairly popular. I suppose I should ask for likes and subscribing, but meh, who cares. It's not like you money off those. (I guess it factors into the overall ratings, which helps make the video come up higher in the search rankings, but meh.)


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