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So, I recently renewed my website here. It was cheap. Just barely over $3 a month, I paid up for the next year, as this website is kind of useful for me. Anyway, here's my review of the web host I use.

First of all, it's great. The site loads decently fast, and I'm only using the cheapest tier, so that's great. Sure, I don't get a ton of traffic, but I'm fairly confident it could handle at least 2,000+ per day, which, in all honesty, would be quite significant for me. On the backend side, I use Wordpress, which was literally just one button click to set up. No kidding. It was awesome, all I needed to do from then was setup themes and add some plugins and stuff for security purposes. Other than that, it was quite the breeze getting everything up and running. They do have their own blog platform, which is much more simplified than Wordpress, but I like the flexibility and customizability of WP. Plus, they have their own analytics tool that runs server side, so it collects information from everyone, even if you're using AdBlock. That's nice, as it gives me real information about the visitors to my site. Anyway, it's a great service with great tools, email on your own domain name, and everything. It really is fully featured, and comes at a dirt cheap price.

Right now, you can sign up and get a domain name free for 1 year, and it's only $3 for web hosting. But hold on! I can get you an extra $2 off! Yes, that's only $1 for web hosting and domain name for 1 year! Just Click This Link!

As always, feel free to chip in a bit to help with website costs (well, not really, it's too cheap) and streaming costs.
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