Hi! So, I created my own livestream, let's call it, system. It's not a platform at all, really. (Ha ha, made ya click!) I use to stream to both Youtube and Twitch simultaneously, and I embed the Youtube stream and the Twitch chat side by side, on a new page on my website.

It's currently just a pilot program, but it's incredibly simple to setup. It allows me way more control over the viewership experience, buttons where I want them, video with quality options (with full HTML 5 player!), chat with custom bots for moderation, all those glorious emotes, . Plus, I also get access to a ton of analytics, so I know who my audience is. Everything self contained in a neat little package, where I can monitor user engagement better. (Also, I get to monetize the page itself with AdSense, and monetize the stream as well. -Not that making money is important, but it's nice to have the option, just in case. I've never liked the idea of fan funding, because it just leaves some people out who can't give a tip. -But that's for another article.)

Anyway, where can you find this? Simple!
(I still might tweak this a bit, it's not quite perfect :P )


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