E3 Thoughts

I didn't go to E3, but I do have opinions on what happened there. I'll be straight up honest and say I didn't watch everything, so I may not have all the details. Anyway, here are my opinions on E3.

Microsoft Event
Probably the biggest thing was the XBox One S. I'm a PC gamer, so I'm not really interested. It doesn't do 4K games, only 4K video from Netflix and such, so don't expect to play your games in 4k. It's kind of a meh device, if have a 4K TV and can watch 4K Netflix/Youtube, it might be worth it (it can probably upscale games to 4K, but it can't actually play in 4K.

I didn't watch much of anything in the way of the gameplay, but I don't care for FPS type stuff, anyway.

Sony Event
A bunch of games that looked nice, but only on the PS4, which I don't have, and am not buying, so not interested.
They did have a lot of new IP, which is awesome, and all the games were quite impressive.
Crash Bandicoot remastered!!!!! I loved this on my PSOne like 10 years ago, so it's nice to see it remastered now. Still, not getting a PS4 just for this, though :P

I didn't get around to watching anything else, but I just had to write something for E3, for all that sweet, sweet SEO action! No go read articles from people who were actually there.


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