Starbucks employee calls coffee dirt you won't believe what happens next!!!

I don't actually have a story for this, but some guy who works for Starbucks in a Discord channel I'm in said this.

True story.

This rumor was first said by Shadow7557, so if this happens to be false information, blame him. Since he is a confirmed liar, this story is likely not true.

Update 2016-Aug-17: User Shadow7557 claims to have visual evidence of this being true. He has yet to present this new found evidence. I'll update you once he has, or if he fails to present the evidence.


  1. Hello, we at have discovered this post contains content taken from the user "Shadow7557" we request you remove this or give all credit to said user within one hour otherwise we will take legal action.

    Make the right choice
    ~Umbral Inc.

  2. Sure. danLUL

  3. Thank you for co-operating with us sir although we don't appreciate the fact you mention these are "rumours" and may be "false" these claims are 100% true and we have photographic evidence supporting this, on top of this you encourage users to blame our client of the "rumours are false" this paints our client I'm a negative light which is slanderous and we request this to be changed

    Thanks you in advance for co-operating
    ~Umbral Inc.


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