AdWords Campaign

So, over the past few days, I've been playing around with AdWords campaigns for my YouTube videos. So far, I'd say the campaign was pretty good success. For what I payed (which I will not disclose), the results were astounding. I've gained almost 4,000 views on video and another 3,000 on one more. Got a few likes out of it, and a few subs, which was amazing. I didn't even say anything or ask for subs or anything, and yet still had a really healthy amount of success. If you have the money, and want to give your channel a good boost, I'd definitely say running an AdWords campaign is worth it.

The only thing I'll say is don't go in with only $10 and expect nice results, if you can't put in at least $100, don't do it.

Luckily, if you sign up for the web host I use through my referral link not only will you get $2 off your domain, but you'll also get $100 worth of AdWords credit to use towards any campaign you want. (Though, you do have to spend $25 first, but worth it for the extra $100 boost.


  1. Win-win-win situation.

  2. Sign up now! You get $2 off your web hosting, plus $100 in AdWords credit from them. (Oh, and I get $10 out of the deal as well ?)


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