So, I'm sure you heard about the new MacBook Pro's maxed out price, and it is indeed quite high. But is it really? For the $6699 price you get an awful lot in a small laptop, i9 CPU, 32GB DDR4 ram, and that 3.2GB/s SSD. Well, I went searching for similar SSDs with similar performance and you won't believe what I found. This Intel SSD right here. That's right, a 4TB SSD with 5000 MB/s write (yes it's faster then the MBP) and 3000 MB/s read (a bit slower). The next closest 4TB drive is this Samsung one but it only has 560 / 530 MB/s read/write, quite a bit slower 😉.

Turns out it's not so expensive after all, considering the 4TB drive. Lower storage options are about as pricy as always, and comparing to other laptops with i9 CPUs, it's actually quite the good deal all considering.

About the only thing I hate about it is the GPU saw no significant upgrade, they added an "X" to it, but according to AMD the Radeon Pro 560 and Radeon Pro 560x have the exact same performance. This is verified by the fact Apple makes no mention of how much faster the GPU is on their website, instead only saying how much faster it is with an eGPU.

All in all, it has great storage options (base is pretty good as well), fantastic, current gen, CPU, quad eGPU support, quite the update. Really wished they would have put in a better GPU like the new Vega M GH/GL (yes, they're only integrated on certain non-six core Intel CPUs, but come one, this is Apple, they could have made it happen.


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